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Marjorie Woo       


Marjorie Woo

Marjorie Woo is currently CEO of LMI-
China (Shanghai) Inc and a past member of the Board of Governors for Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Woo worked in Xerox’s American Headquarters from 1980 until 1991.  She was successively in charge of Marketing and Sales, Administration, Finance, Service, and Telecommunications within Xerox’s Western Region.  In 1985, Ms. Woo moved into Xerox’s International Operations where she participated in the negotiations for a joint venture between Xerox and the Shanghai Government, which resulted in the most-comprehensive joint venture program at that time. In 1987, she was the Implementation Director of the new joint venture operation working with Jiang Zeming, Zhu Rongji and other Government Officials. 

In 1991, Ms. Woo founded Option Consultants International Ltd. and was in charge of the Greater China operation.  In 1996, she established Keystone Leadership’s Shanghai Office as a representative office and then in June, 2002, it was formally registered as a wholly owned foreign invested enterprise.

Since 1998 Ms. Woo has also been representing Leadership Management International (LMI), a US based Leadership Development firm with a coaching approach to systematic leadership development, as the Master Licensee for China.  She has build a team of over 30 coaches, with offices in Shanghai and Beijing.. She has over 20 years of experience working with MNCs, Private Enterprise, and State Owned Enterprises, in China, and throughout Asia. . Additionally since 1998, she and her group have coached over 3000 mid level managers, and over 200 senior level managers in China. She coaches executives on the Total Leader Solution, through a systematic process of strategic planning. She works with clients to gain insight about themselves, identifying gaps, setting goals, taking actions, and tracking results.  Her ability to work within both Eastern and Western cultures supports her results-based approach to leadership.  She is an experienced speaker at Leadership Forums and HR Conferences.  She has moderated and presented various workshops for the American and European Chambers as well as China European International Business School (CEIBS).

In 2001, she founded the Education & Training Committee for Shanghai’s American Chamber of Commerce.  During 2002, she was on the Board of Governors for AmCham. She served on the board of the Shanghai Rotary Club in 2005.   Currently she serves on the Board of the Community Center sponsored by the Concordia International School.

Ms. Woo holds an MBA from St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California and is completing a PhD. in Human & Organizational Development at the Fielding Institute in California.



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